Sunday 13 December 2015


YANKEV AVIGDOR (1897-March 39, 1967)

            He was born in Trave, Galicia.  He served as rabbi in Trave, Drobich, and Borislav (Borysław).  In 1931 he received his doctoral degree from Lemberg University.  He survived ghetto and concentration camp.  In 1946 he emigrated to Brooklyn where he served as rabbi.  From 1953 he was a rabbi in Mexico City.  He published a series of religious texts on Jewish law and homiletic interpretation of it.  He regularly published “Sedre fun der vokh” (The weekly portion from Torah) in Di shtime (The voice) in Mexico City.  Among his writings in Yiddish: In shrift un vort (Written and spoken) (Mexico City, 1956), vol. 1 “Breyshes, shmoys” (Genesis, Exodus); Gedank un shprakh (Thought and language), “Maḥashava velashon, a zamlung droshes” (Thought and language, a collection of sermons) (Mexico City, 1958), 200, 48 pp.; Hegyon yankev, a zamlung fun droshes far shabosim un yomim toyvim fun a gants yor (Jacob’s reasoning, a collection of sermons for Sabbaths and holidays for an entire year) (Mexico City, 1961), 300 pp. (first 31 pp. in Hebrew); Toyre shebal-pe, ir inhalt un khronologisher seyder (Oral Torah, its content and chronological order) (Mexico City, 1961).

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