Thursday 17 December 2015


            He was born in Suwalk, Poland.  In 1940 he was deported with his family to Siberia.  From 1946 he was living in Wrocław, Lower Silesia, where he studied in a Yiddish and Hebrew school.  In 1949 he made aliya to Israel.  Over the years 1956-1974, he studied Hebrew literature, as well as general and Jewish history, at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, from which he received his doctorate for a dissertation on the history of the Jewish Section in the Soviet Union (1918-1930).  From 1968 he was an instructor there and subsequently a professor of modern Jewish history.  He has published two books in Hebrew, as well as an array of articles in Hebrew- and English-language periodicals.  He compiled and edited (with Y. Lifshits) the volume Briv fun yidishe sovetishe shraybers (Letters from Soviet Yiddish writers) (Jerusalem, 1979), 501 pp.

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