Monday 14 December 2015


OSHER-ZELIK HOKHMAN (August 5, 1891-March 12, 1966)
            He was born in Pokotilova, Kiev region, Ukraine.  He worked as a teacher and a businessman.  In 1913 he emigrated to Argentina.  He was the author of two dictionaries: Milon sfardi-ivri / shpanish-hebreisher verterbukh (Hebrew-Spanish dictionary) (Buenos Aires, 1954), 416 pp.; and Hebreish-yidish-shpanisher verterbukh (Hebrew-Yiddish-Spanish dictionary) (Buenos Aires, 1955), 316 pp., both published by the author.

Sources: Y. L. Gruzman, in Der shpigl (Buenos Aires) (September 1953); “Biblyografishe notitsn” (Bibliographic notices), Di idishe tsaytung (Buenos Aires) (April 8, 1954); F. Lerner, in Di prese (Buenos Aires) (April 15, 1954).

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