Tuesday 15 December 2015


DOVID EYDELMAN (b. June 5, 1910)
            He was born in Niewaszow (?), Poland.  He studied in religious primary school and yeshivas, later sitting for baccalaureate examinations.  During WWII, he was in Soviet Russia, later in the displace persons camps in Germany.  From 1950 he was living in Israel.  In the 1930s he wrote correspondence pieces in the provincial Yiddish newspapers of Kielce, Radom, Bialystok, and elsewhere.  He later published in Unzer vort (Our word) in Paris and Letste nayes (Latest news) in Tel Aviv, among others.  Among his books: Fun gerikht, fun rabinat, fun gas, reportazh (From the court, from the rabbinate, from the street—reportage) (Tel Aviv: Hamenorah, 1966), 326 pp.; Geven a mol a yidish lublin (There was once a Jewish Lublin) (Tel Aviv: Hekhalot, 1979), 262 pp.

Sources: A. Baraban, in Yidishe tsaytung (Tel Aviv) (June 3, 1966); A. Volf-Yasni, in Letste nayes (Tel Aviv) (August 19, 1966); E. Feld, in Letste nayes (November 2, 1972).

Reuven Goldberg

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