Wednesday 16 December 2015


BOREKH AYZENSHTADT (July 14, 1889-1937)
            He was born in Borisov, Russia.  He received a Jewish education with private tutors.  For a lengthy period of time he lived in Smargon (Smarhon, Smorgon).  Until mid-1914 he was studying medicine at Dorpat University.  From 1920 he was in Warsaw, where he worked as a teacher in the Borochov School.  In 1927 he was deported to Soviet Russia with the permission of the Soviet authorities, and he settled in Moscow.  He was active all over on behalf of the left Labor Zionists.  He died in a prison at the edges of Siberia during the Purges of 1937.  He co-edited Dos fraye vort (The free word), “biweekly newspaper for Jewish social democratic workers” (Minsk, 1918-1919).  Among his books: Vi azoy me badarf gebn di ershter hilf ba umglik-faln (How one should give first aid in case of accident) (Moscow: Central Publishers, 1929), 20 pp.; Vi azoy zoln mir farhitn dos gezunt fun undzere kinder (How we should engage in preventive health for our children) (Moscow: Emes, 1934), 134 pp.

Source: Sh. Shvaytser, ed., Shures poyle-tsiyen, portretn (The ranks of Labor Zionism, portraits) (Tel Aviv, 1981), pp. 402-5.

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