Wednesday 9 December 2015


            He was born in Herz, Dorohoi region, Romania, into a rabbinical family.  He was an autodidact.  He began his literary activities with descriptions of mass Jewish emigration from Romania, published in Der vare hayoets levet yisrael beromanya (The real counsel to the Jews of Romania), 1900-1902.  He also published articles there on the settlement in Israel.  In Der yudisher gayst (The Jewish spirit) (Jassy, 1898-1899), he published a series of works on the Jewish Enlightenment movement among Romanian Jewry.  He also contributed features to Hatsfira (The siren), as well as other outlets.  In the main, however, he wrote for the Romanian Jewish press.  He was the literary editor of the journal Tasul Socialist, in which he published studies of the philosophy of Henri Bergson and on the history of Jews in Romania.  He translated into Romanian the works of Spinoza and Heine.  For a long stretch of time, he was working on a Hebrew-Romanian and Romanian-Hebrew dictionary.  He also wrote under such pen names as: Ishi Yehudi (Jewish man), Ish Romanya (man of Romania), and Charles Remird, among others.

Sources: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 1; Filologishe shriftn (Vilna) 3 (1939).

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