Sunday 13 December 2015


A. EVYON[1] (EVYEN) (b. October 9, 1910)
            He was born in Darabani, Romania, the son of a ritual slaughterer.  His first two book were written in Romanian: Cintece muncitoresti (Workers’ songs) (Bucharest, 1938), 61 pp.; and Pulbere de aur (Golden dust) (Bucharest, 1941), 105 pp.  In Yiddish: Nakht untergang (Night fall), verse (Bucharest, 1962); A velt fargeyt, a velt geyt oyf (A world sets, a world rises), poetry (Bucharest: Literatur farlag, 1965), 75 pp. (second edition, 1967); Nayer ritm (New rhythm), verse (Bucharest, 1969); Di shtot otemt (The city breathes) (Bucharest, Kriteryon, 1974), 141 pp.  He also wrote under the pseudonym: Shmuel Vaynshteyn.[2]

[1] According to the Library of Congress catalogue, it is read “EBION.”
[2] Translator’s note. Later sources all indicate that his real name was Sami Weinstein-Boiangiu.

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