Monday 14 December 2015


DINA ABRAMOWICZ (1909-April 3, 2000)
            She was born in Vilna and studied at the Vilna senior high school, completed her baccalaureate in a Polish high school, and in 1936 graduated from the humanities faculty of Vilna’s Stefan Batory University.  In 1946 she emigrated to the United States.  Over the years 1946-1962, she was assistant librarian at the YIVO Library in New York and thereafter head librarian (until 1987).  In 1953 she received her M. S. from the School of Library Science at Columbia University in New York.  She composed bibliographic works or surveys of Yiddish books for: Jewish Book Annual (New York, 1950-1967); Britannica Book of the Year (London, 1960-1970); Tsukunft (Future), Yidishe kultur (Yiddish culture), Yivo-yedies (News from YIVO), Yivo-bleter (Leaves from YIVO)—in vol. 46 (1980), she wrote a longer piece in the bibliographic annual from YIVO.  A longer work by her on Yiddish literature appeared in The Reader’s Adviser (New York, 1970), vol. 2.  She published in English: Yiddish Literature in English Translation: Books Published 1945-1967 (New York, YIVO, 1968), 39 pp.; a listing of published books under the same title (New York: YIVO, 1976), 22 pp.; collected materials for Yiddish programs (New York: YIVO, 1968).

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