Thursday 17 December 2015


YISROEL-BER ALTERMAN (January 15, 1913-1996)
            He was born in Gritse (Grójec).  He studied in religious elementary school and yeshiva, as well as in a Polish school.  During WWII, he was in Soviet Russia.  From 1949 he was living in Israel—near Ḥadera.  From 1946, he published reportage pieces, articles, and stories in: Dos vort (The word), Unzer veg (Our way), and Ibergang (Transition)—in Munich; Landsberger tsaytung (Landsberg newspaper); and Letste nayes (Latest news), Yidishe tsaytung (Jewish newspaper), and Yisroel shtime (Voice of Israel)—in Tel Aviv.  He edited the memorial volume Megiles gritse (Grójec scroll) (Tel Aviv, 1955), 408 pp.; and he revised Kaynmol nisht fargesn (Never forget) (Tel Aviv, 1972), 236 pp.  Among his writings: Heymloze d. p., yidn in daytshland (Homeless d[isplaced] p[ersons], Jews in Germany), stories and reportage pieces (Tel Aviv, 1959), 198 pp., second edition (1980); Likui ḥama (Eclipse), stories translated from Yiddish manuscripts by Yosef Aḥai (Tel Aviv: Peretz Publ., 1976), 208 pp.; Blondzhers (Lost their way), stories (Tel Aviv: Nay-lebn, 1982), 205 pp.; Di letste heym, dertseylungen (The last home, stories) (Tel Aviv: Yisroel-bukh, 1986), 287 pp.

Sources: Kh. Zeltser, in Letste nayes (Tel Aviv) (July 17, 1981; June 26, 1982).

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