Thursday 5 June 2014


YANKEV AYZENSHTEYN (December 18, 1884-January 14, 1946)
Born in Savran, Podolia.  From age twelve, he worked in Odessa.  From 1906 he was living in Argentina.  He was by trade a carpenter.  He began publishing in 1915, in the main with poetry.  He edited the periodicals: Broyt un frayhayt (Bread and freedom), Der frayer arbeter (The free workingman), and Di arbeter organizatsye (The workers’ organization), organ of the trade unions (1919)—all in Argentina.  Among his books: Lider un poemen (Song and poems) (Buenos Aires, 1935), 102 pp.

Sources: Antologye fun der yidisher literatur in argentine (Anthology of Yiddish literature in Argentina) (Buenos Aires, 1944), p. 942; P. Kats, Yidishe literatur in argentine (Yiddish literature in Argentina) (1947); Y. Botoshanski, Mame yidish (Mother Yiddish) (1949); Sh. Rozhanski, Dos yidishe gedrukte vort un teater in argentine (The published Yiddish word and theater in Argentina) (Buenos Aires, 1941).

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