Sunday 29 June 2014


A. ALPERT (1871-September 2, 1939)
Born in Kovno, Lithuania, he was a pioneer in the Yiddish press in Massachusetts, a leader of immigrant assistance, and the Boston correspondent for Tog (Day) in New York.  He used the pen name of Ish Kovna (the man from Kovno).  He edited the weekly Yidishe velt (Jewish world) in 1894, and Der izraelit (The Israelite) in Boston; the latter closed down in 1895 or 1896.  The Yiddish supplement to the English Jewish Advocate was known as Yidisher advokat.  He edited it in 1905, work later done by Dr. Vartsman.  One of the publishers of the Der izraelit was Samuel Mason who was not on its editorial board.  Alpert’s books include: Der oytser (The treasure), though the place of publication and character of the work remain unknown.  He died in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

Sources: Z. Broykhes, Yorbukh, amerikaner opteyl fun yivo (Yearbook of the American section of YIVO) (New York, 1939), vol. 2; American Jewish Year Book, 5701 (Philadelphia, 1910).

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