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Born in Krakow, Galicia.  He graduated from a secular high school and studied at the Universities of Krakow, Lemberg, and Vienna.  He was a doctor of jurisprudence.  From his high school days, he was active in the socialist movement.  He was a member of the executive of the Jewish social-democratic party in Galicia and chairman of the Krakow organization of the Bund.  In November 1918 he was one of the commandants of the Jewish self-defense during the Lemberg pogrom.  Until WWII he was a lawyer in Krakow.  In 1940 he was in Vilna where he was giving lectures at YIVO concerning the economic history of the Jewish people.  From 1941 he was in the United States.  From 1946 he was professor of economic science at Hobart College in Geneva, New York.  He started writing article on social and economic issues in Sotsyal democrat (Social democrat) in Krakow in 1908.  He edited Głos związku (Voice of the club) (Krakow, 1913-1914) in which he also published works concerned with the history of Jewish literature in which there was a detailed review of Shmuel Niger’s Pinkes (Register) of 1913, written by Dr. Y. Shatski who also gave a course on Yiddish literature in the Jewish socialist academic union which Aleksandrovitsh chaired.  He was also a contributor to Nowe życie (New Life), Walka (Battle), and other works in Polish; as well as Poland Fights and Unzer tsayt (Our times) in New York.  He published under the pseudonym of A. Herder.

Source: Dr. Y. Tenenboym, Galitsye, mayn heym (Galicia, my home) (Buenos Aires, 1955), pp. 222, 230, 232.

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