Monday 9 June 2014


He was born in Terneve (Ternovo), Romania.  He lived in the latter half of the nineteenth century.  He moved to Mesiev (Moisei) and later on to Oyber-Visheve.  He was the author of Menukhe vesimkhe (Rest and enjoyment) in Yiddish, published in Munkatsh (Hung. Munkács; Ukr. Mukachevo) in 1909.  He also wrote Moker habrokhe (The source of blessings): “This is the translation of the laws from [the author’s Hebrew work] Sefer birkat habayit (Benediction for the home)…by me, the insignificant Avrom-Khayim, son of R. Yekhiel Tsvi, may his memory be for a blessing, from Oyber-Visheve.  Published in Munkatsh (1895), in two parts.”  It is considered the first book in Yiddish in Maramureș.

Sources: Dov Sadan, in Goldene keyt (Tel Aviv) 78 (1973); V. Tambur, in Tsaytshrift (Bucharest) (January 15, 1974).

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