Wednesday 11 June 2014


SHMARYAHU IMBER (February 24, 1868-May 29, 1950)
     Born in Zlotshev (P. Złoczów, U. Zolochiv), eastern Galicia.  He was the father of Shmuel-Yankev Imber and brother of Naftali-Herts Imber.  He was an active Zionist and a delegate to Zionist congresses.  He published feature pieces in Reuven-Asher Broydes’s Der karmel (The garden-land, 1868), and he contributed human interest pieces and sketches to Hebrew and Yiddish newspapers in Galicia.  He worked as teacher in a Baron Hirsh school.  From 1915 he was living in Vienna and from 1933 in Jerusalem.  He published a portion of Naftali-Herts Imber’s Hebrew-language poetry (Zlotshev, 1900).  For a short time, he served on the editorial board of Shevuon (Weekly).  He died in Jerusalem.

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