Sunday 1 June 2014


TSVI AYZNMAN (EISENMAN) (b. September 20, 1920)

Born in Warsaw.  He graduated from a Jewish-general public school.  He spent the war years in Russia, two years on the island of Cyprus, and then on to Palestine.  His first poems were published in the newspaper Nayvelt (New world) (Tel Aviv, 1928), and later in Goldene keyt (Golden chain) (Tel Aviv) and Tsukunft (Future) (New York).  Among his books: Di ban, dertseylungen fun poyln, rusland, yisroel (The railway, stories from Poland, Russia, Israel) (n.p.: Yagur, 1956), 162 pp.; Mazoles (Fortunes) (Tel Aviv: Peretz Publ., 1965), 167 pp.; Tsvishn grenetsn (Between borders), stories (Tel Aviv: Hakibuts hameuḥad, 1974), 154 pp.; Nemt mikh in land fun fargesn (Take me to the land of oblivion) (n.p.: Kibuts alugim, 1983), 91 pp.; Hamispar sheata mevakesh mizeman ala baesh (The number you requested had long ago gone up in smoke) (Tel Aviv: Hakibuts hameuḥad, 1981), 114 pp. (rendered from a Yiddish manuscript by several translators).  He received a prize at a “Joint” congress for a literary work concerned with those who were exiled to the island of Cyprus.  He belonged to the group of writers known as “Yung-yisroel” (Young Israel).

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