Monday 2 June 2014


SORE AYZEN (SARAH EISEN) (1910-March 9 [18?], 1981)

She was born in Ponevezh (Panevezys), Lithuania.  She graduated from a Hebrew high school in Ponevezh, and she studied at the Kovno Hebrew teachers’ seminary and at Lithuanian University.  She was a Yiddish teacher in Kovno, Lithuania.  In 1937 she published a book of poems with the title Meydl-lider (Woman’s poetry) (Kiev), 64 pp.  In 1938 she moved to South Africa and worked as a Hebrew and Yiddish teacher in a religious elementary school in Johannesburg.  She published poems in the Johannesburg monthly journal, Foroys (Onward).  She later moved to Cape Town.  In 1965 she published Geklibene lider un poemes (Selected poetry) (Johannesburg: Kultur-Federatsye), 197 pp.  Another volume, Shirim nivḥarim upoemot (Selected poetry) (Capetown), 176 pp., appeared in 1973.

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