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ARN (AARON) ALPERIN (b. January 31, 1901)
Born in Lodz, Poland.  He studied in religious elementary school, public school, middle school, and high school.  In 1919 he published his first story in Lodzher tageblat (Lodz daily news).  He traveled to Paris in 1928.  He wrote current events articles for: Lodzher tageblat, Tageblat (Daily news), and Undzer tageblat (Our daily news) in Lodz; Haynt (Today) in Warsaw; Haynt in Paris; Yidishe shtime (Jewish voice) in Kiev; Frimorgn (Morning) in Riga; Di tsayt (The times) in London; and Di yidishe tsaytung (The Jewish newspaper) in Buenos Aires, among others.  He was on the editorial board of Lodzher tageblat over the period 1924-1925; and he served as editor-in-chief of Haynt in Paris, 1928-1940.  He was rescued from France in 1940 at the time of the Nazi invasion, and in 1941 he arrived in New York.  He served on the editorial board of Tog morgn-zhurnal (Daily morning journal) where he ran the weekly column concerning Jewish life around the world.  He was managing editor, 1951-1952, of Dos yidishe folk (The Jewish people) in New York.  Among his books: Zalbetsveyt (Two together), poems (together with Pinkhes Goldhar) (Lodz, 1921); Żydzi w Łódzi: pocza̜tki gminy żydowskiej, 1780-1822 (Jews in Lodz, the origins of the Jewish community, 1780-1822) (Lodz, 1928); Geshikhte fun der yidisher kolonizatsye in argentine, yoyvl-bukh fun yidishe tsaytung (History of Jewish colonization in Argentina, jubilee volume from Yidishe tsaytung) (Buenos Aires, 1940); Forn idn kin yisroel, mit shtrom fun der aliya (Jews going to Israel, with the tide of aliya) (Jerusalem: Histadrut, 1966/1967), 102 pp.; A lebn fun shlikhes, byografye fun dr. yisroel goldshteyn (A life on assignment, a biography of Dr. Israel Goldstein) (Jerusalem: R. Mas, 1974), 447 pp.; Nokhum goldman (Naḥum Goldmann) (Jerusalem: Jewish World Congress, 1976), 71 pp.; 70 yor arbeter-tsienizm in amerike (Seventy years of workers’ Zionism in America) (New York: Labor Zionist Alliance, 1976), 34, 28 pp.  He translated: Fyodor Dostoevsky, Vayse nekht (White nights [original: Bel’ie nochi]) (Warsaw, 1924), 347 pp.; Hertsl un zayn dor, idishe perzenlekhkeytn in hertsls tog-bikher (Herzl and his generation, Jewish personalities in Herzl’s diaries) (New York, 1959), 63 pp.; Meyer Weisgal, Vi es volt nekht geven (As it should have been yesterday [original: So Far: An Autobiography]) (Tel Aviv: Hamenorah, 1974), 541 pp.  He also edited In gang fun doyres (In the wake of generations), by Samuel Margoshes (Tel Aviv: Hamenorah, 1970), 359 pp.; and co-edited Bzhezhin yizker-bukh (Brzeziny memorial volume) (New York, 1961), 288, XIX pp.  He also took part in the Zionist movement, and he was a member of the administrative council of the Zionist Organization of America.  He used as a pseudonym: A. Yakubolitsh.  He was living in New York.

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