Friday 27 June 2014


VILHELM ALEKSANDROVITSH (November 28, 1893-ca. 1942)
Born in Krakow into a well-to-do commercial family.  At age fourteen, he became a socialist and took a leading position among Jewish socialist youth in Galicia.  He belonged to Żydowska Partia Socjalistyczna (Jewish socialist party; the Galician Bund).  In 1918 when the Żydowska Partia Socjalistyczna after the war revived publication of its organ, Sotsyal demokrat (Social democrat), he was one of the two editors of this newspaper.  By trade he was a lawyer.  He was killed during the Nazi massacres in Tarnov (Tarnów), probably in 1942.

Source: Undzer tsayt (September-October, 1945) (New York).

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