Friday 6 June 2014


ROZE AYKHNER (1879-July 1942)
Born in Minsk, Byelorussia.  She studied in a secular high school.  At an early age, she joined the Bund.  In 1905 she was sent by the central committee of the Bund to Lodz, and there she was active using the name Reyzele.  She worked in the Society to Spread Education.  Between the two world wars, she was a member of the Lodz committee of the Bund and of the Bundist faction in the Lodz city council.  In 1939, when the Germans occupied Lodz, she was arrested.  She succeeded in escaping to Warsaw where she worked in the Medem Sanatorium.  She published under her own name (as well as using the pseudonyms: R. A. and Roze) reportage pieces, correspondences, and short articles concerning Jewish labor and women’s live in Lodzher veker (Lodz alarm, 1923-1936) and Naye folkstsaytung (New people’s newspaper, 1935-1938).  During the liquidation of the Medem Sanatorium in July 1942, she was at the head of the children’s train which was directed by the Nazis to an unknown direction [Treblinka].

Source: A. Volf, in Folkstsaytung (Warsaw) (August 15, 1947).

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