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Born in Baranovitsh (Baranovichi), Poland, into a poor, Hassidic family.  He studied in religious schools.  In 1918 he went to Lodz and studied in the “Toras chesed” yeshiva; he received rabbinical ordination there.  Until WWII—he was one of the heads of the yeshiva and a leader of Poalei Amunei Israel (Orthodox Jewish labor youth organization) in Poland—he began writing with an article about education in the collection Yeshiva torat khesed (The Toras-chesed yeshiva), no. 1 (Lodz) (Nisan 1918), from which (with A. M. Rogovi and D. H. Rozenes) he became a co-editor.  He later contributed to Darkenu (Our way), the collection Friling (Spring) (Lodz, 1922), and Yidishe arbeter shtime (Voice of Jewish labor) (Lodz, 1927-1934).  In these he published articles concerned with education and essays about literature.  He also took part in the journal Beys-yankev (House of Jacob) and in other publications of Poalei Amunei Israel in Poland.  He died of hunger in the Lodz ghetto.

Source: Kh. L. Fuks, “Dos yidishe literarishe lodzh” (Jewish literary Lodz), in Fun noentn over (From the recent past) (New York, 1956), vol. 3.

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