Thursday 12 June 2014


IMEN (b. June 13, 1880)
Adopted name of Fishl Vitkover, born in Kristinopl, Galicia, to a Hassidic family.  He studied in Germany, later settling in Lemberg (Lvov).  In 1904 he began to publish Togeblat (Daily) in Lemberg, and for a time he was its literary editor.  He published poems and stories in Gershom Bader’s and Moyshe Frostig’s calendars.  Over the period 1912-1913, together with Ayzik Vaynshtok and Y. Shneyd, he published Folks-fraynd (People’s friend), and in 1917 he put out in Brin a collection with the title Yom tov bleter (Holiday leaves), 70 pp.  His subsequent career is unknown.

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