Tuesday 18 August 2015


            In the 1930s he wrote for the provincial Yiddish press in the Polish borderlands.  He wrote for the Pinsker vokh (Pinsk week), his first publication there on July 22, 1932, edited by M. Traybman: current events pieces, humorous sketches, notices, and theater reviews.  He was the author of the pamphlets: Dovidls fir kashes, a maysele lekoved peysekh (Little David’s four questions, a story for Passover) (Pinsk, 1936), 15 pp.; Der provintser redaktor, koshere yidishe parnoses, tsvey humoristishe monologn (The provincial editor, legitimate Jewish livelihoods—two humorous monologues) (Pinsk, 1936), 16 pp.; Der hosn fun der plyazhe, a lebedike shviger, tsvey monologn (A husband from the beach, a living mother-in-law—two monologues) (Pinsk, 1936), 24 pp.  He was one of the writers who wrote mainly for the local Yiddish press in Poland between the two world wars.  Other biographical details remain unknown.

Source: Pinsker vokh (July 1, 1932 and April 16, 1933).

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