Thursday 27 August 2015


            He was a ritual slaughterer in the town of Carlos Casares, in the colony of Mauricio, Argentina.  He wrote for the newspaper Fertaydiger (Defender)—he began writing on April 2, 1912, in a large newspaper format—in Carlos Casares.  There he wrote articles, a medley of Torah, and commentaries in an Argentinized Yiddish.  One example of his style: “We see in the writer’s talent such extraordinary ability that the spiritual sensation, when it hovers over the author’s mind, is drawn magnetically to his thoughts and presents him with divine truth.”  He served as editor of Argentiner yid (Argentine Jew), a weekly newspaper that appeared over the years 1917-1918 in Buenos Aires, and of Pinkes (Record), “monthly journal for literature, scholarship, history, and all Jewish and secular interests, published by the rabbinical bureau of Rabbi Glazerman in Yiddish, Hebrew, and Spanish” (first issue: October-November-December 1935, Buenos Aires).  He was the older brother of the writer Shmuel Glazerman.  Further biographical data and details are unknown.

Sources: P. Kats, Geklibene verk (Collected writings), vol. 5 (Buenos Aires, 1946), pp. 100, 103; V. Bresler, Antologye fun der yidisher literatur in argentine (Anthology of Yiddish literature in Argentina) (Buenos Aires, 1944), pp. 934, 936.

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