Tuesday 11 August 2015


            He was born in Shedlets (Siedlce), Poland, into a rabbinical family.  He studied in religious elementary school, later with his grandfather, Khayim Ginzburg, the rabbi of Shedlets.  With the rise of the movement of Agudas Yisroel (lit. Union of Israel, the orthodox political party) in Poland, he became the leader of Orthodox youth in Shedlets.  He was a cofounder of the Shedlets Orthodox weekly Unzer veg (Our way).  He was in the Shedlets ghetto and was murdered by the Nazis.

Sources: Information from R. Meyer Shvartsman, Winnipeg, Canada; Yitsḥak Kaspi, in Sefer yizkor lekehilat shedlets (Remembrance volume for the community of Shedlets) (Tel Aviv and Buenos Aires, 1956).

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