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HENEKH GLITSENSHTEYN (May 24, 1870-December 30, 1942)
            He was born in Turek, near Lodz, Poland, into a bourgeois Hassidic family.  His father was an engraver of gravestones.  Until age seventeen he studied in an Orthodox conclave and in yeshivas.  He later moved to Germany and graduated there from an art academy.  He was one of the most important Jewish painters and sculptures with worldwide renown.  From 1917 he published poetry and treatises on art in various languages, including Yiddish and Hebrew in such serials as Idishe zamlbikher (Jewish anthologies) (Warsaw, 1917), Di tsayt (The times) in London, Hatsfira (The siren) in Warsaw, and Hadoar (The mail) in New York, among others.  In these he expressed his experiences and memories.  He died in New York.

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