Monday 10 August 2015


YOYSEF (YOZEF) GILSON (b. ca. 1862)
            He was an American Yiddish poet.  He published poems in Folks-advokat (People’s advocate) (May 25, 1894): “Af der milkhome, oys dem polnishn” (Off to war, away with the Poles); in Der idisher pok (The Jewish Puck): “Vi es dreyt zikh” (How things turn around), reprinted in the London humor magazine Pipipaks (March 1, 1896; February 22, 1922), and “Sfire un mai” (Counting the omer and May) (April 26, 1896).  He was also the author of a booklet of poems entitled Ideshe melodyen (Jewish melodies) (New York, 1897), poems on national and social themes, 48 pp.

Sources: Oral information from N. B. Minkov.

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