Sunday 30 August 2015


            He was the editor of Varshever yudishe tsaytung (Warsaw Jewish newspaper) which began publication in Warsaw on February 8, 1867.  The newspaper sought not to pick a quarrel either with the assimilated or with the Enlightened Jews, nor for that matter with the Orthodox or Hassidic Jews.  It thus avoided writing about actual events, satisfied with publishing information, fiction, and popular scientific material.  At the same time, however, the newspaper campaigned for the wealthy Jews to open factories to provide work for other Jews.  Among the contributors to the newspaper were Ayzik Meyer Dik, Paltiel Zamoshtshin, Moritz Gelkin, and Herts Naymanovitsh.  The newspaper appeared until January 23, 1868, altogether 54 issues.  Glatshtern was the father-in-law of Shmuel Peltin, editor of the Polish-language Izraelita (Israelite), and himself wrote in Polish as well.

Sources: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 1; N. Mayzil, in Tsukunft (New York) (March 1924); Y. Shatski, Geshikhte fun yidn in varshe (History of the Jews in Warsaw) (New York, 1953), vol. 3, see index.

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