Thursday 2 April 2015


She was born in Grodno, and as a youth went to work in a tailor’s shop.  At age fourteen or fifteen, she became involved in the underground movement.  She was denounced to the authorities, and the illegal party brought her to Minsk in Soviet Russia.  There she made use of every free moment to educate herself.  Her attention was rapidly drawn to her frequent correspondence pieces in the Minsk serial Oktyaber (October), and she was then sent to study in senior high schools.  In 1932 she became editor of the industrial section of Zvezda (Star) in Minsk, newspaper of the central government.  At the same time, she was working in the Yiddish press.  Several years later, she left for Birobidzhan, where she served as contributing editor to Birobidzhaner shtern (Birobidzhan star).  Since 1937-1938, nothing has been heard from her.

Sources: A. Pomerants, “A meydl fun grodne” (A young woman from Grondo), in his Kavkaz (Caucasus) (New York, 1943), pp. 93-96; Grodner opklangen (Buenos Aires) 2 (1948).

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