Thursday 16 April 2015


SHIYE BROYDE (b. 1898)
     He came from Lodz and was a teacher of Latin in the Vilna high school of Sofia Gurevich.  He was an active leader of the Friends of YIVO Society and for a time also an emissary for YIVO.  He translated a series of Plato’s dialogues into Yiddish (unpublished).  During the Nazi invasion, he lay severely ill with tuberculosis in Otvotsk.  On the eve of “deportation,” he made an end of his life by taking poison.

Sources: R. Oyerbakh, “Yidishe shrayber in varshever geto” (Jewish writers in the Warsaw Ghetto), in Kidesh hashem (Sanctification of the name), ed. Shmuel Niger (New York, 1946); B. Mark, Umgekumene shrayber fun di getos un lagern (Murdered writers from the ghettos and camps) (Warsaw, 1954); Mark, Lerer-yizker-bukh (Teachers’ memory book) (New York, 1954); “Yizker” (Remembrance), Yivo-bleter 26.1 (New York, 1945).

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