Thursday 23 April 2015


TSVI BRIK (BARAK) (b. 1905)

            He was born in Plungyán (Plungė), Lithuania.  He studied in the Hebrew high school and graduated in law from Kovno University.  He was a member of the central committee of the Poale-Tsiyon Party in Lithuania.  He was in the Kovno ghetto.  He escaped shortly before the liquidation and hid out in a bunker.  He was liberated when the Russian army arrived.  He spent the years 1945-1949 in Italy.  He was a presidium member of “Center of the Refugee Organization.”  From 1949 he was living in the state of Israel.  He began writing in Dos vort (The word) and Di tsayt (The time) in Kovno (1930-1939).  He published in Baderekh (On the way) in Rome (1946-1948).  He was the author (together with Kh. Varshavski) of a pamphlet, Ber borokhov (Ber Borokhov), which dealt with the period 1914-1917 in Borokhov’s life, with a foreword by Nosn Grinblat (Kovno, 1934), 64 pp.

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