Friday 24 April 2015


            He was the author of the following pamphlets in Yiddish: Tsum kumendikn XV kongres (Toward the coming Fifteenth Congress) (Jerusalem, 1926), 47 pp.; Iber di tetikeyt fun biker khoylim hospital in yerusholaim in di teg fun di troyrike gesheenishn (On the activities of the Biker Ḥolim Hospital in Jerusalem in the days of the sad events) (Jerusalem, 1929), 40 pp. (the pamphlet describes the pogroms in Palestine in 1929 and includes pictures of the victims); Tsum klal yisroel: di geshikhte, tetikeyt un badaytung fun di novorodker yeshive “beys yoysef” in land fun di oves (To all Jews: The history, activity, and significance of the Novorodok Yeshiva in the land of the forefathers) (Jerusalem, 1932), 32 pp., large format; A matone fun di heylike land: zikhroynes iber erets-yisroel far di letste 62 yorn un di geshikhte fun di yeshive “or zorea” in yafe-tel-aviv (A gift from the Holy Land: Memoirs of Palestine for the last sixty-two years and the history of Or Zorea Yeshiva in Jaffa-Tel Aviv) (Jerusalem, 1934), 16 pp., large format; and Iber der frage, fun di elende hilfsloze alte un altinke in erets-yisroel (On the issue of the miserable helplessness of aged men and women in the land of Israel) (Tel Aviv, 1937), 32 pp.

Source: P. Vyernik, “Undzer fil-shprakhike literatur” (Our multilingual literature), Morgn-zhurnal (New York) (November 6, 1932).

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