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He was born in Chodel, near Lublin, in Poland.  He moved when quite young to Warsaw.  He received an education through middle school.  He began writing at age fifteen.  He acted on the stage with the Vilna Troupe.  His first publication appeared in 1924 in Ilustrirte vokh (Illustrated week), a translation from Stefan Zweig: Der briv fun an umbakanter (Letter from an unknown woman [original: Brief einer Unbekannten]).  In 1936 he emigrated to Argentina.  He contributed to: Ilustrirte vokh, Folks-tsaytung (People’s newspaper), and Undzer hofenung (Our hope) in Warsaw; Der shpigl (The mirror), Teater (Theater), Naylebn (New life), Di prese (The press), Di yidishe tsaytung (The Jewish newspaper), Di naye tsayt (New time), Davke (Necessarily), Argentiner lebn (Argentine life), Dos naye bukh (The new book); and the anthologies: Ineynem (Altogether), Dorem-amerike (South America), Yoyvl-bukh yidishe tsaytung (Jubilee volume of the Jewish newspaper), Yorbukh fun yidishn yishev in argentine (Annual from the Jewish settlement in Argentina).  Among his books: translations of Stefan Zweig, Leonhard Frank, Janusz Korczak, William Shakespeare, Arnold Zweig, and Friedrich Hevel, as well as the Hebrew writer Yitsḥak Korn.  He was also the editorial secretary of Argetiner yivo-shriftn (YIVO writings from Argentina) and on the editorial board of Yorbukh fun der yidisher kehile (Annual of the Jewish community) of Buenos Aires.

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