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He composed in Yiddish the first booklet on Jewish agriculture in Russia.  He was the main figure in the agronomy section of YIKO (Jewish Cultural Organization), as well as a leader of ORT (Association for the Promotion of Skilled Trades).  In 1897 he graduated from the Novo-Aleksandrov Institute for Agriculture, and then took on a high position in the Tambov zemstvo (local autonomous unit).  He was, though, drawn to labor among Jews, and for many years he was the leader of the farm and manager of the agricultural schools at Novopoltavka, and he was active in the Jewish colonies of Ekaterinoslav and Kherson districts, as well as other centers (including Kiev where he died).  He authored: Di yidishe landvirtshaft in rusland (Jewish agriculture in Russia) (Kiev, 1918), 32 pp.

Sources: Y. Leshtshinski, in Bikher-velt 1 (Kiev, 1919); V. L. (Latski Bertoldi), Erd (Earth), an anthology (Kiev, 1920), pp. 56-57.

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