Friday 17 April 2015


He was living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a teacher at a Talmud-Torah.  He was the author of Idealizm un libe (Idealism and love) (Buenos Aires: Bikhlekh far yedn [Books for everyone], 1920), 20 pp.; Velt-anshoyung (World view), a popular philosophy of nature written in verse (Buenos Aires, 1923), 30 pp.  He served on the editorial board, together with Sh. Glazerman, of the children’s magazine, Blimelekh (Little flowers), in Buenos Aires (1922).

Sources: Sh. Rozhanski, Dos yidishe gedrukte vort in argentina (The published Yiddish word in Argentina) (Buenos Aires, 1941), p. 109; Antologye fun der yidisher literatur in argentine (Anthology of Yiddish literature in Argentina) (Buenos Aires, 1944), p. 921.

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