Tuesday 16 June 2015


YITSKHOK-AYZIK GONSHER (1901-February 12, 1955)
            He was born in Ostrów-Mazowiecka (Ostrov-Mazovyetsk), Poland, into a Hassidic family.  He received a Jewish and a general education.  In 1925 he emigrated to Argentina.  He served there as a Zionist and community leader, as well as a speaker and lecturer on both Jewish and general topics.  In his last years, he was an instructor for “Keren Hayesod” (United Israel Appeal), on whose behalf he traveled throughout Argentina as well as in neighboring countries.  He began publishing articles on literature and community matters in Di prese (The press) in Buenos Aires in 1928.  In 1930 he became a contributor to Der shpigl (The mirror), for which he served for a time as an internal member of the editorial board.  He also published polemical articles under the pen names: “A. Konsverzator,” Alef Rozenberg, Ben-Avoye, and the like.  He died in Buenos Aires.

Sources: Y. L. Gruzman, in Der shpigl (Buenos Aires) (February-March 1955); Davke (Buenos Aires) 22-23 (1955), p. 158.

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