Tuesday 2 June 2015


MOSHE HAKOHEN GOLDMAN (August 4, 1863-1918)
            He was born in Pinsk, the son of a rabbi.  At age thirteen, he left for the Volozhin Yeshiva, and at age eighteen he moved on to Vienna where he studied with R. Ayzik-Hirsch Weiss.  From there he went to London, where he published in Hebrew Hatsofe levet yisrael (The spectator to the House of Israel), 2 issues (1887-1888), and Haaviv (The spring).  From 1896 he was living in the United States, where he taught in a Talmud-Torah on East Broadway, New York City.  He wrote for Hamelits (The advocate), Halevanon (Lebanon), and Hamagid (The preacher).  In New York, he published the newspaper Haleom (The nation), which also appeared in Yiddish under the title Di natsyon (The nation), “monthly magazine for literature, science, and support, published by N. M. Shaykevitsh and M. Goldman.”  Its first year of publication was 1901, with the second number appearing in September; second year, 1902, numbers 1-12.

Sourcs: B. Ts. Ayzenshadt (Benzion Eisenstadt), Ḥakhme yisrael baamerika (Jewish sages in the United States) (New York, 1903), pp. 26-27.

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