Tuesday 9 June 2015


AVROM GOLDSHTEYN (December 31, 1893-November 16, 1953)
            He was born in Kiev, Ukraine.  After moving to the United States, he lived in Hartford, Connecticut.  By profession, he worked as an insurance agent.  Over the years 1930-1953, he was vice-president of the American Zionist Organization, president of the Zionist Organization in Connecticut, and vice-president of Hartford’s United Jewish Appeal.  He was the publisher and editor, 1942-1945, of Di tsayt (The times) in Hartford.  He published current-events articles on Zionist issues.  He was a member of the editorial board of the Zionist magazine Dos idishe folk (The Jewish people).  He also published articles on the sport of fishing in Ben Larshi’s column in Forverts (Forward) in New York, “Yidn khapn fish” (Jews catch fish).  He also authored a unique book in Yiddish literature, entitled Fish-fang (Fishing) (New York, 1951), 157 pp. (edited by Nokhum Bomze).  He died in Sarasota, Florida.

Sources: Obituary notice in Forverts (November 18, 1953); Who’s Who in World Jewry (New York, 1955).

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