Sunday 14 June 2015


ROKHL GALINKIN (b. October 25, 1912)
            She was born in Zheludok (Pol., Żołudek; Bel. Žałudok), Vilna district.  Her father Mortkhe-Yankev was, after WWI, in 1920 a rabbi of Danzig.  She graduated from a Hebrew school and attended a private Polish high school in Vilna.  In 1931 she received her degree from the Dissen Polish state high school and entered the humanities faculty at Vilna University.  She studied history and her seminar work was entitled “The Rise of the Jewish Community in Vilna.”  Her thesis was entitled: “The Pale of Settlement for Jews in Vilna under Russian Rule.”  She was accepted at the third competition, 1937-1938, as a research student at YIVO in Vilna, and she prepared a research paper entitled “Di yidishe kehile in vilne in di yorn 1808-1845” (The Jewish community of Vilna, 1808-1945).  With the outbreak of WWII, all traces of her were lost.

Leyzer Ran

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