Thursday 4 June 2015


SHLOYME GOLDENBERG (d. June 13, 1947)
            He was a Hebrew-Yiddish publicist and author.  He came from Russia and emigrated to the United States in 1916.  In 1919 he left American for London.  He was for a long time president of a Talmud-Torah and synagogue in Soho.  In the United States he published writings in such periodicals as Varhayt (Truth) and Idisher kemfer (Jewish fighter).  He was for a certain time in London the editor of Haolam (The world) and of the collections: Undzer vort (Our word), vol. 1 (1942); vol. 2 (1943); vol. 3 (1944).  Together with A. Beylin and Sh. Pinski, he edited the Hebrew-language literary anthology Iyim (Islands) (London, 1927).  All of these publications were issued by the publishing house of Hasefer in London, of which he was the founder.  He also authored the pamphlet: B. borokhov, a yidisher goen (B. Borochov, a Jewish genius) (London, 1946), 48 pp.  He died in London.

Sources: D. Varshavski, Loshn un lebn (Language and life) (London) (July 1947); obituary notice in Di tsayt (London) (June 16, 1947).

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