Monday 1 June 2015


DOVID GOLDMAN (b. May 25, 1885)
            He was born in Kalarash (Cǎlǎrași), Bessarabia.  In 1889 he was brought to Argentina, where his father Arn was a ritual slaughterer and leader of the Orthodox community in the colony of Mozesville.  He wrote correspondence pieces on the life of Jewish immigrants for Hamelits (The advocate) and Hatsfira (The siren).  He contributed to various Jewish newspapers and to Yor-bukh fun yidishn yishev in argentine (Yearbook of the Jewish settlement in Argentina) (Buenos Aires, 1945-1946), 328 pp. (edited by Nekhemye Tsuker).  Among his books: Di yidn in argentine in der fargangenheyt un in der kegnvart in bild un in vort (Jews in Argentina past and present in image and word), 2 vols. (Buenos Aires, 1914), 202 pp.

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