Thursday 11 June 2015


            He was born in Odessa and in 1906 emigrated to Argentina.  His parents were farmers in the colony of Berro, Entre Rios Province.  He was well versed in religious, Hassidic, and modern Hebrew and Yiddish literature.  He also studied secular subject matter and later graduated as a doctor of medicine in Buenos Aires.  In 1932 he began to publish stories in the Buenos Aires daily newspaper Di prese (The press), in the monthly journal Der shpigl (The mirror), edited by Y. L. Gruzman, in Morgn-fraynt (Morning friend) in Montevideo, and in other newspapers and magazines.  His stories excelled in their lyrical tone, culture, knowledge, and fine depictions.  In 1933 he was editor of the Buenos Aires monthly In gang (On the way).  He also published a number of feature pieces on proletarian themes.  In 1936 he voluntarily left to fight against the nationalists in Spain, and there he served as a doctor.  After the Spanish Civil War, he settled in Mexico.  He wrote medical articles for the Yiddish press.  In 1940 he contributed to Meksikanishe bleter (Mexican leaves), edited by Yankev Glants, and published a booklet of poems.  In 1945 he returned to Argentina and was living in Buenos Aires.

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