Friday 20 February 2015


YOSEF BENYAMINI (February 1879-February 22, 1933)
     He was known as well by the name Ben-Manoaḥ.  He was born in Derbent, Kavkaz, Russia, son of the rabbi from the Derbent community, R. Riman-Tov Manoaḥ.  He received a traditional education.  In 1906 he made aliya to Israel.  He worked in Rishon Lezion, later becoming involved with business in Jerusalem.  In 1914 he joined Poale-Tsiyon.  That same year he emigrated to the United States and lived in Cleveland.  He was among the first to enlist in the Jewish Legion and then returned to Palestine, where he remained through the war.  He published articles in Forverts (Forward) in New York and in Davar (Word) in Tel Aviv.  He was murdered by Bedouins in the Jezreel Valley.

Source: D. Tidhar, in Entsiklopedyah lealutse hayishuv uvonav (Encyclopedia of the founders and builders of Israel) (Tel Aviv, 1947-1971), vol. 3.


  1. How can I find out more information on him? I think he was my Great Grandfather. Was his son Aaron Benyamini?

  2. The only way I know is to check the source given here (Tidhar, vol. 3). This is only a translation. Good luck!