Monday 9 February 2015


YEHUDIS (YUDES) BLUMENTAL-MAYZIL (July 31, 1894-April 19, 1943)
Born in Borshchov (Borshchiv), eastern Galicia, she was a Hebrew teacher there.  Before WWII, she ran an English course in the Jewish teachers’ association in Warsaw.  Together with her husband, Yankev Mayzil, she translated from Hebrew Gnesin’s Etsel (Close by) as Froym margolis (Ephraim Margolis) (Vilna: Kletskin, 1925), 167 pp.; and from German Knut Hamsun’s Konerne ved vandposten (Women at the tap) as Di vayber baym brunem (Women at the pump) (Vilna: Kletskin, 1929), 536 pp.  Over the years 1939-1941, under Soviet rule, she was a teacher of Yiddish in the Borshchov middle school.  She died on the eve of Passover, April 19, 1943, in the Borshchov ghetto.

Source: Lerer-zikher-bukh (Teachers’ memory book) (New York, 1954).

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