Tuesday 3 February 2015


SHLOYME BLAT (1906-1944)
    He was born in Lodz to very poor parents.  He attended religious primary school and studied with his father who gave lessons in the homes of the wealthy.  While still quite young, he showed signs of artistic talent.  At age twelve he exhibited woodcuts and drawings (one of them was reproduced in Yung-yidish [Young Yiddish] 4-5-6 [December 1919] in Lodz).  For a long time he worked as a compositor for Nayes folksblat (New people’s newspaper) in Lodz.  His first publication appeared in Nayes folksblat, an urban poem.  He contributed poems to Os (Letter) in Lodz-Warsaw, Inzl (Island) in Lodz, Literarishe bleter (Literary pages) in Warsaw, and In-zikh (Introspection) in New York.  He was living until WWII in Lodz, and then in the Lodz ghetto.  His subsequent fate is unknown.

Sources: Yitskhok Guterman, in Pinkes fun yidishe druker in poyln (Records of Jewish printers in Poland) (Warsaw, 1949), pp. 149-50; Khanan (Peysekh Kaplan), in Unzer lebn (Bialystok) (April 15, 1938).

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