Tuesday 10 February 2015


     Born in Tshenstokhov (Częstochowa), Poland, he attended religious elementary school and yeshiva, and had private lessons in secular subjects.  As a young person he joined the Zionist movement and was active among youth.  From 1930 until Hitler’s seizure of Częstochowa, he served as assistant secretary of the Jewish community.  He was in the Częstochowa ghetto and participated in underground, illegal work against the Jewish council and the Germans.  In the 1930s he published articles in Tshenstokhover tsaytung (Częstochowa newspaper) about topical issues affecting the Jewish community and Jewish literature.  He was one of the workers involved with illegal Jewish publications in the “expanded ghetto” of Częstochowa in 1942.  During the liquidation of the ghetto (September 22, 1942), he was deported to Treblinka and murdered there.

Sources: Y. Pat, Ash un fayer (Ash and fire) (New York, 1947); A. Khrobolovski, in Tshenstokhover yidn (Częstochowa Jews) (New York, 1947).

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