Sunday 22 February 2015


A. BEN-TSVI (b. 1888)
Pen name of Avrom Sheynuk, he was born in Mikhalishek, Vilna region, to parents who were followers of the Jewish Enlightenment movement.  His father was a student of Avrom Lebenzon.  He received a radical nationalist education.  From 1905 he was living in the United States.  He graduated from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.  He was employed in various trades while living in New York.  He began publishing with poems and stories in Fraye arbeter shtime (Voice of free labor) in 1906.  From that time forward, he published in a variety of newspapers, as well as in Tsukunft (Future) and Frayhayt (Freedom).

Source: N. Mayzil, ed. and comp., Amerike in yidishn vort, antologye (America in the Yiddish word, an anthology) (New York, 1955), p. 455.

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