Thursday 24 September 2015


VOLF GROSMAN (b. 1880)
            He was born in Kasho, Czechoslovakia.  He studied in yeshivas in Hungary.  In 1900 he left for Jerusalem, where he organized a bureau for weights and measures which later was recognized by the government.  He published in Jerusalem (1908) a Psalter with the roots and forms of every word and a booklet Kitsur seder hadorot (Short survey of the generations).  In 1910 he emigrated to the United States, where he organized in New Jersey the Agudat Bnei Yisrael with the goal of “improving education, kashrut, and observance of the Sabbath.”  In 1922 he edited and published a monthly magazine in Yiddish and English (only a few numbers appeared).  In 1925 he published in New York a Purim play in two acts, entitled Di farlozene ester (Esther deserted).  Also: Visn far kleyn un groys (Knowledge for young and old), and a Hebrew textbook called Hamaḥanekh (The educator), with a number of translated lessons in English (Passaic, New Jersey, 1941).

Source: M. Sh. Shklarski, in Nyu-yorker yorbukh (1941).

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