Wednesday 16 September 2015


(DOV-BER) BORIS GERSHMAN (May 8, 1900-April 3, 1953)
            He was born in Upyna, near Kurshan (Kuršėnai), Lithuania.  His father Zelik came from a rabbinical family in Courland.  He studied in religious elementary school.  From his youth he lived with his mother in Vilna, where he was a student in Pavlovsky’s Russian high school.  From 1914 he was living in Shavel (Šiauliai).  He worked hard there and supported his mother and younger siblings in the family.  After WWI he moved to Berlin, where he studied music at the state conservatory.  At that time he began to write, and he published a treatise on Jewish life in small settlements in Der afrikaner (The African), edited by H. Polski.  From Berlin he emigrated to South Africa.  He was initially employed there in physical labor, later as a musician.  From 1931 he was editor and publisher of Afrikaner yidishe tsaytung (African Jewish newspaper) in Johannesburg.

Source: Afrikaner yidishe tsaytung (Johannesburg) (April 10, 1953).

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