Thursday 24 September 2015


            He was born into a Hassidic family in Warsaw.  For many years he occupied a prominent position in the Warsaw Jewish community.  His first publications appeared in: Haivri (The Jew), Hamelits (The advocate), and Hatsfira (The siren).  Later, under the influence of his subordinate officer in the community, Y. L. Peretz, he wrote from time to time in Yiddish and published original stories in Peretz’s Yudishe biblyotek (Yiddish library), Literatur un lebn (Literature and life), Yontef bleter (Holiday leaves), and in Avrom Reyzen’s anthology Der tsvontsigster yorhundert (The twentieth century); and translations of V. Okonski’s Khave rubin (Eve Rubin) and Klement Yunosha’s Der dorfsshnayder (The village tailor), among other works.

Sources: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 1; Dr. Y. Shatski, Geshikhte fun yidn in varshe (History of Jews in Warsaw), vol. 3 (New York, 1953), p. 275; Sh. Slutski, Avrom reyzen biblyografye (Avrom Reyzen’s bibliography) (New York, 1956), no. 4629.

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