Wednesday 30 September 2015


TUVYE GRIN (TOVIA GREEN) (b. December 20, 1931)
            He was born in Dej, Romania.  He received rabbinical ordination from the yeshiva in Rome.  He moved to Canada in 1949.  He graduated from Sir George Williams College in Montreal.  He published: Di tsukunft fun medines yisroel, an ophandlung vegn di ekonomishe meglekhkaytn fun yisroel (The future of the state of Israel, a treatise on the economic possibilities of Israel) (Montreal, 1953), 91 pp.; Di oyfgabe fun undzer dor, ṿi azoy mir kenen makhn medines yisroel ekonomish shtark, zikher un zelbstshtendik (The task of our generation, how we can make the state of Israel economically strong, secure, and independent) (Montreal, 1954), 16 pp., in pocketbook format.  He was living in Montreal.

Sources: B. Daymandshteyn, in Literarishe heftn (Los Angeles) (January-June 1954), pp. 32-34; Daymandshteyn, Eseyen (Essays) (Tohongo, 1958), pp. 33-34.

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